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Glamorous Master Bedroom

Client requested a glamorous bedroom we accomplish this by using a bold interior paint color peacock with white trim and crown molding which is a plastic material called stick and peel. We continued to enhance the space by adding silver, crystal lamps and gold elements. Bedroom set is a beautiful silver with alligator embellishments helping to add the glam effect to this space. To add height to this space we added drapery and hung it right under the crown molding thus drawing the eyes upward helping to create a glamorous space. We chose a sofa table instead of a tv stand to continue to add height to this space. We also added a wall of mirrors to enlarge the space as well as a vanity table which every woman should have with track lighting We were also able to create a small sitting area within this space. We crown this area with a beautiful crystal chandelier and a thick silver shag rug which adds elegance to finish this glamorous master bedroom. Refer to before and after pictures here.